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Boost Repeat Sales: Memorable Post-Purchase Experiences!

Vijay Kumar

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

April 17, 2024

6 min read

There are higher chances of repetitive sales if customers had a good post-purchase and an overall positive shopping experience. 90% of customers believe that the experience after a purchase is just as significant as the product’s quality.

The post-purchase experience includes interactions and actions that a brand initiates when a customer completes their purchase. It is the journey of the customer from placing an order to tracking the order, product delivery, product setup, and follow-up interactions. This leads to a satisfying customer post-purchase experience and a strong long-term brand-customer relationship. 

However, many businesses overlook this post-purchase experience as a formality and limit their interactions with customers to basic order confirmations and thank-you pages. The customer’s post-purchase experience can keep them excited, engaged, and satisfied to return and repurchase if brands and businesses use appropriate strategies and tactics that will increase customer retention. 

9 Tactics to Generate Recurring Sales Out of Post-Purchase Experience

Ignoring the post-purchase experience that could help generate new sales is a major mistake that businesses are making these days. Your customers can have an excellent post-purchase experience if you implement several strategies in your business to keep them interested, pleased, and motivated to come back and repurchase. These strategies include:

  1. Providing order tracking: After a customer places an order, you should provide them with the option to track it in real-time. Order tracking services will help and allow your customers to track the status of their order until the moment it is delivered. To keep customers informed and to build their faith in your brand, brands can also let them know the delivery status of their ordered products.
  2. Perform post-purchase surveys: It is important to get feedback from the customers on their shopping experience with your brand and their product satisfaction. This data helps in identifying areas that require improvements. Rewards like cashback and coupons can be planned for customers to motivate them to fill out your survey forms.
  3. Provide customer support: Businesses should prioritise providing active customer care and assistance via phone, email, social media, and live chat. Customer support teams should be available for customers to answer their queries and resolve any issues.
  4. Offer personalised product guides: Few products require installation or setup. For such products, brands can provide personalised lessons and tutorials that contain step-by-step instructions, video tutorials, and other related guidance. This will lead to more client satisfaction.
  5. Offer loyalty programme rewards and benefits: Encourage customers to revisit your website by asking them to join your brand’s loyalty programme, which should offer several rewards and incentives upon completing a purchase. Member discounts, new product releases, and early access to deals should be exclusive to members of loyalty programmes to tempt others to join the same.
  6. Offer reordering choices: Provide customers options for auto-reordering or refilling reminders to make it easier for them to restock consumable products. Brands can use data from their website to find out what their customers love and the timeframe within which they reorder. By taking the initiative to remind customers about their orders, active reorders can be achieved.
  7. Recommend products: Businesses inform customers about their recommended products either during the buying process or following the sale to maintain customer interest and promote repeat business. Customers will have a more individualised shopping experience and show loyalty if they receive product recommendations based on their previous orders.
  8. Add coupons along with delivered packages: Customers are incredibly interested in and enthusiastic about the products when they receive their orders. If coupons and discount offers are given away in the delivery box, customers will be excited to make additional purchases or look for other things to buy to benefit from the discount or offer.
  9. Provide reviews on social media: Consumers trust reviewed products. Businesses should engage with customers on social media to resolve issues or start discussions, feature prior customer endorsements, and publish pictures and videos that customers have uploaded.

Partner With Shiprocket to Enhance Post-Purchase Experience

Partnering with Shiprocket, one of the biggest logistics and shipping service providers, can help your business or brand to enhance your customer’s post-purchase experiences by offering them a range of services. These include:

  1. Real-time order tracking: Shiprocket provides real-time tracking facilities to your customers. This will build trust among them that your brand is not fake.
  2. Return and exchange options: Shiprocket offers its clients easy ways to return and exchange items. It makes the process of exchanges and returns simple by allowing your brand or business to automate the return and exchange processes.
  3. Customer support: Shiprocket has a team of committed customer care representatives to help customers with queries or concerns that they may have about deliveries. You can also contact the customer support team through email, phone, live chat, etc.
  4. Multiple delivery options: Shiprocket tries to provide its customers with an exclusive delivery experience by providing diverse delivery options, such as scheduled delivery, cash on delivery, and quick shipping.
  5. Delivering in remote locations: Shiprocket also helps businesses deliver orders to remote areas. They provide safe and efficient delivery because of their extensive transportation network covering several Indian regions.


Your business can gain repeat customers by building strong client-brand relationships. This long-term relationship can be established by enhancing the post-purchase experience of the customer. Different strategies like providing customer support, real-time order tracking services, surveys, loyalty programmes, product recommendations, coupons, etc., can increase customers’ happiness, engagement, and loyalty to your brand and improve customer retention. 

Shiprocket  help businesses provide a smoother post-purchase experience to the customers. It offers diverse delivery options, quick refunds, coverage in remote locations, and smooth order tracking. Optimising the post-purchase experience is not just about completing a transaction but also building a strong and long relationship with the customer. For this reason, prioritising customer satisfaction and using strategic partnerships can create a memorable post-purchase experience. Companies that make the post-purchase experience and customer satisfaction their top priorities can succeed and expand over time.

What are some common mistakes that businesses make in handling post-purchase experiences?

Some common mistakes include upselling or cross-selling irrelevant products to customers, not giving them loyalty rewards, discounts, or offers, and not providing enough customer support.

Why is a positive post-purchase experience important for businesses?

A positive post-purchase experience ensures repeat sales.

How can my business measure the effectiveness of its post-purchase experience strategies?

The effectiveness of the post-purchase experience strategies can be measured by tracking repeat purchases, analysing customers’ feedback and reviews, monitoring satisfaction scores, and assessing the customer retention rates of the business

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