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One-Click Checkout: Learn the Process Easing eCommerce Checkouts

Vijay Kumar

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

April 5, 2024

8 min read

Shopping online has become extremely popular. However, the cart abandonment issue largely persists. The average cart abandonment rate is estimated to be 70.19%. Each purchase matters to an eCommerce business. Therefore, businesses must explore possible ways to minimise cart abandonment. But how do you do that? You need to make your shopping experience as simple as possible. Adopting one-click checkout is a simple solution. It encourages eCommerce businesses to solve the cart abandonment issue, which in turn enhances sales.

This blog highlights how you can make your shopping experience simpler and what one-click checkout entails. It also provides a comparison with traditional checkout methods.

Know One-Click Checkout in Detail

One-click checkout is a function that helps customers buy items in their cart with only one click. It does not require customers to manually type in their personal details like their name, email address, payment details, and shipping address before completion of the checkout process. One-click checkout gives a single-click experience.

For one-click checkout to function well, the customers will already have a designated account with the business’s payment processing service with a legitimate payment method. When a customer logs in as a returning customer, this method enables them to finish the buying process directly from the basket. It does not need any extra information to be input. 

One-Click Checkout: An Example

There are several examples of successful one-click checkout. Let us discuss a few:

Amazon: Amazon implemented the one-click checkout solution in 1999. This method is now adopted by numerous businesses. Any consumer who has an account with a payment processor that provides one-click checkout can visit the eCommerce website and easily make more purchases.

S’wheat has also adopted a one-click checkout process that allows all your billing details like address and payment process to be filled in if you are a returning customer.

One-Click Checkout Vs Traditional Checkout

The table below highlights the key differences between traditional checkout and one-click checkout.

One-click CheckoutTraditional Checkout
A simplified process that minimises cart abandonment.Traditional process that needs you to constantly update shipping details, payment details, etc., increasing the chances of cart abandonment.
The complete process is streamlined into one single step.The process includes several steps that cause frustration. 
Requires less time to finish the buying process.Takes more time as the process has a greater number of steps.
Greater customer satisfaction is achieved due to the smooth shopping experience provided.The shopping experience is not hassle-free as the process is lengthy and repetitive.

Six Benefits of Implementing One-Click Checkout 

There are many advantages of implementing one-click checkout. These include the following: 

  • Efficient buying experience: The simplified purchasing experience is an obvious perk of one-click checkout. It makes the customers’ experience more efficient and simple. Those who have a small attention span and dislike filling out long forms will be happy with a simplified shopping process.
  • Fewer number of abandoned carts: From the seller’s point of view, one-click checkout creates more conversions and reduces cart abandonment. It is observed that customers are happier with their overall shopping experience. Sellers can implement one-click checkout to enhance their customer loyalty and sales rates. 
  • Brand establishment: For those shopping from a specific retailer for the very first time, seeing a one-click purchase button similar to that in some other website they already trust puts them at ease. A buyer will be reluctant to enter their personal information manually on an unfamiliar website. 
  • Compatibility with websites and browsers: Shopping from an unfamiliar device can be annoying. To log in successfully, a buyer will need to remember their user ID and password. The one-click checkout feature eliminates this problem, thereby making the shopping experience smoother. It helps the buyers to make purchases anytime, anywhere, with minimal issues.
  • Precise ordering: Entering wrong address details, credit card information or email details can cost a business largely. Using the one-click checkout feature, you can ensure that your payment details and other information are already on file. Data previously entered and stored led to successful payments, thereby reducing the number of failed sales.
  • Aiding smaller and more frequent purchases: Shoppers tend to be hesitant to buy only one small item, despite needing just that. They might consider waiting until they want to make a bigger purchase. The beauty of one-click checkout is that buyers will be less hesitant about making small purchases. 

One-Click Introduced by Shiprocket Checkout: The Stellar Features

The stellar features of Shiprocket’s one-click checkout include the following:

  • Personalised checkout for eCommerce store
  • Enables you to provide spot-on delivery dates
  • Customisable checkout services
  • Easy integration features
  • Data-driven process

How to Integrate Shiprocket Checkout on Your Store?

Shiprocket enables a simple and hassle-free integration of their check-out technology. The key aspects include the following:

  • Smooth integration: Just like a hot knife through butter, they offer a smooth integration process. They begin with a consultation to understand what your requirements are and then work with their experts to come up with a solution for you. They set up and conduct in-depth testing. 
  • Hassle-free checkout: Your buyers can finalise their purchases with just one click, thus minimising the need for them to continuously fill out the same form again.
  • Data-powered decision making: Their modern analytics and reporting tools give you valuable insights into the customers’ purchasing behaviour. It will enable you to make more optimised decisions and provide you with the information that will help you make customer-centric changes.

Does Your Store Need a One-Click Checkout?

Listed below are six reasons why you should choose one-click checkout technology for your business:

  • Efficiency and speed: One-click checkout enhances speed and efficiency. It allows you to give your customers a quick and efficient method of shopping. It boosts the overall shopping experience.
  • More sales and higher customer retention: This is another brilliant reason to amp up sales. It eliminates friction and barriers and encourages customers to come back.
  • Reduction of cart abandonment rates: Cart abandonment can be a major challenge for most businesses. The tedious checkout process causes frustration resulting in abandonment. Using one-click checkout helps you get rid of this. 
  • Enhanced consumer satisfaction: It is clearly understood that the one-click checkout process creates a seamless and hassle-free experience. It promotes customer retention.
  • Enhanced efficiency and reduction of administrative burden: Apart from improving customer satisfaction, your business will also be relieved of its administrative burden. You can focus your energies on your business goals as you will be free from administrative management.

How One-Click Checkout Enhances Conversion Rate?

One-click checkout helps you enhance conversion rates by:

  • Creating an efficient buying experience
  • Reducing cart abandonment rates
  • Enhancing brand establishment and recognition
  • Ensuring precision in purchasing
  • Supporting smaller purchases

Why Choose Shiprocket’s One-Click Checkout Over Others?

Choosing Shiprocket’s One-Click Checkout offers you a streamlined and faster checkout process. It helps you significantly reduce cart abandonment and RTOs (Return to Origin) while boosting conversions. It also features no-code integration, a customisable user interface (UI) for brand visibility, pre-filled addresses, and multiple payment gateways. Additionally, Shiprocket provides advanced analytics for business insights, a comprehensive discount engine, strategies to minimise returns, and tailored checkout options for a personalised shopping experience. Their system is designed to integrate seamlessly with your platform, offering a smooth purchase journey from verification to payment, thus enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. 


One-click checkout provides several advantages. It helps you provide hassle-free buying experiences to your customers. It allows you to store customers’ named, billing details, payment details, etc., such that when your customers return, they can check out with just one simple click. This technology can be easily integrated into your website and can also help support customers in making smaller purchases. It results in boosted conversion rates and lowers cart abandonment. Ultimately, you will be able to enhance your gains and scale your business at a faster pace.

Is one-click checkout secure?

One-click checkout uses the technology offered by the payment processor, and not the retailer itself, which is why it is secure. You can expect fraud protection, PCI validation compliance, and other security features with this option.

How to choose the right one-click checkout solution?

Consider whether the payment processor is recognised and trusted by customers and whether it allows for checkout customisation. Also, check if the solution supports shopping from any device without asking the customer to log in.

Which payment methods are supported by one-click checkout?

One-click checkout can offer payment options optimised for mobile devices, including mobile wallets like UPI, Google Pay, etc. These payment options make it easy for customers to complete their purchases quickly and securely on any device.

Why is one-click checkout important?

This technology simplifies the checkout process for customers, reducing shopping cart abandonment rates, improving conversion rates, boosting repeat purchases, improving customer loyalty, and reducing human error in the checkout process along with several others.

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